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2017 was a tough year with the death of our beloved mother, to whom my new book Our Place (Jonathan Cape), is dedicated. A brighter spot is the news from my agent Patrick Walsh that Crow Country has sold in Norway.


And 2018 is already full of exciting things with my role as chair at the Grant Arms new book festival in Grantown on Spey over the Easter holiday. Then I have a course at Moniack Mhor with Kathleen Jamie in April/May and two weeks of fabulous wildlife (5-12 May and 12-19 May) with the wonderful Aigas team (click the dates to find out more). I also have talks in June and July at the Dove Dale and Buxton Festivals respectively, events that row in nicely with my appointment as an Ambassador for the Friends of the Peak District. These are just for starters. It promises to be a busy 12 months.


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'The man of most science is the man most alive,

whose life is the greatest event.' Henry Thoreau                                                                                    

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It can be read if you click here, but every few weeks I post a Photo of the Month, a new image of something striking or seasonal. This may not be my best picture, but it is of one of my all-time favourite birds. But who's hidden under that wing? Click here to find out.


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