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Lakes Prespa and Ohrid in Northern Macedonia, Albania

and Greece,

Sun 10 May - Sun 17 May 2020 

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This week is centred on one of the most beautiful parts of eastern Europe. Organised with Chris Mounsey of Balkan Tracks, the holiday involves a partial circuit of Great Prespa, one of the oldest and largest lakes in Europe. It holds a gloriously diverse wildlife - more flowers than the entire UK, for example - that is matched only by the complexity of its cultural context and history. To see half the shoreline of this inland sea and with the minimum of drive-time we will visit three countries - Northern Macedonia, Albania and northern Greece.


Whether it is the flowers, the birds and butterflies that flourish on the limestone slopes of Macedonia's Galicica National Park, or the extraordinary flower-rich farm fields of eastern Albania, or the huge waterbird colony visible from Aghios Achillios in Greek Prespa, this region is full of natural spectacle and abundant wildlife. Yet a big part of the week is getting a full flavour of Balkan life - sampling the many types of tsiporo (the orange one is delicious!) in Korce, or talking to a Greek beekeeper about the manufacturers of his glorious honey or eating grilled trout on the shores of Nothern Macedonia's Lake Ohrid.


This promises to be a truly wonderful week. I can provide you with a more detailed breakdown of the trip and here is a blog post. If your interest is piqued then please contact me with any questions by clicking here.



Prices and Arrangements


Single:  £1495;  Shared:  £1395          Dates:   Sun 10-17 May 2020

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