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Photo of the Month

A highlight of all my Aigas visits is the chance to see pine martens, with an unprecedented four at one time this month. However it may not be long before we see this wonderful animal again in England. There have been recent records in Shropshire and even Norfolk, but this month the Gloucester Wildlife Trust has spearheaded an exciting new project to reintroduce them to the Forest of Dean. I recently went to a less-than-inspiring event called Future Forest by Forestry England at Thetford. The organisation's notions of forests was revealed when its director spoke of 'building' a forest. (Funny, I thought forests grew themselves.) How exciting the future might be if they had also released pine martens at Thetford. Hey ho, the martens are on their way and one big possibility could be the simultaneous return of red squirrels. Grey squirrels, it seems, are not nimble enough to escape pine martens. So we could get two species back for the price of one.

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