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I recently wrote my longest blog to date, on the work of Marcel Pagnol. His book Water of the Hills, a double novel famously made into films by Claud Berri, is one that many people have 'seen' but not read. I love the novels partly for their contemplation of human relations with the rest of life. And the blog dwells on this. But I needed to illustrate the pieces and found myself trying to capture water in all its elusive power (the books are partly, as the title indicates, about water). So my photo this month is an expression of that fascination. I love the laminar shapes of deeper, pouring water which, when photographed, seems thickened and congealed and reminds me of the texture of glass or ice. I also enjoy the temporary patterns of bubbles. These seething, circular, cellular divisions of H2O, which seem so clear and precise, they look as if they should have greater permanence. We know, of course, that they are a bloom to be enjoyed for less than a second and then they return to the stream of life. In case you wish to read the blogs that inspired my taking these images, then click here and here. Oh yes, and the image on the home page is of the moon in a tidal puddle at Holkham. The one above is Hogshaw Brook at Lightwood in Derbyshire.

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