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Blackwater Carr is our five-acre patch on the banks of the River Yare in the parish of Postwick, just across the river from where I live. I am holding the second of my whole-day master classes for Writer's Centre Norwich on Saturday 10 September 2016.


I also run private writing courses for group or individuals. Any inquiries should be directed through the Contact Form at the bottom of the drop-down menu for Talks and Teaching. I also arrange wildlife safaris in Norfolk for £200-300, depending on group size. I specialise in the Broads area, and usually include the rook and jackdaw roost at Buckenham Carrs (Nov-Feb) which is described in my book Crow Country. If you want to see what it looks like click onto my Youtube footage here.  The incidental voice extolling the pleasures of the roost is friend and novelist Diane Setterfield, whose Bellman and Black features the odd corvid! These winter excursions will finish after nightfall.


In spring to early autumn the focus will be on looking at all wildlife, especially birds, flowers and insects. The trips can be tailored to suit your group interests.

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