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High Summer in the High Peak


Derbyshire Days


Mark Cocker







Thurs 30 July – Sun 2 August 2020

£695 (single person suppl £100)


My home area in north Derbyshire is justifiably renowned as one of England’s most beautiful and wildlife rich regions, with its gritstone peaks and limestone dales, where the ashwoods are so steeped in chlorophyll and smothered with mosses and epiphytes that they can have the atmosphere of temperate rainforest. The region is also home to specialist upland birds including ring ouzel, common redstart, raven, red grouse, peregrine and dipper.


Based in the beautiful town of Buxton, we will explore much of Derbyshire's diversity, from Kinder Scout to the Dove and Manifold Valleys. But we begin in an area where my personal love of nature began, at Lightwood on the edge of town. In summer the valley sides are blanketed in golden flowers (mainly kidney vetch and hawk’s-beard) and are richly speckled with marsh and spotted orchids. It offers us a taste of the gritstone region known as the Dark Peak and contrasts strongly with the softer, more feminine contours of the limestone areas. These too will be a key focus especially Millers and Dove Dales, where the great swathes of wildflowers - knapweed, field scabious, luxuriant spikes of dark mullein and carpets of marjoram and wild thyme - can be breathtaking. As always we will take our time, we never rush and we will enjoy the full spectrum of wildlife and landscape that Derbyshire has to offer.


If you would like more information I can send a detailed breakdown of the trip in a pdf with an additional advice sheet on equipment, weather and fitness levels. Email me with any questions by clicking here.


Prices and Arrangements:


£695 (£100 single supplement)  Dates:   Thurs 30 July - Sun 2 Aug 2020

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