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Blackwater Blog is an online scrap-book of words and pictures about anything in nature from springtails to sparrowhawks. It can be read if you click here. There are pieces on using my new Opticron optics at Aigas and also on 'The Nature of Nature'. Please take a look.


Every few weeks I post a Photo of the Month, an image of something striking or seasonal. Click the pic to see it. This month it concerns the way that nature has the power to surprise you even when it is in the hedge just 50m from the house.

Photo of the Month


'The man of most science is the man most alive,

whose life is the greatest event.' Henry Thoreau                                                                                    

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We're just into November and I already feel myself on the home straight for this completely packed year. Just six more to go of the total 47 events I've done for the new book Our Place (click title for details), which has had a great critical reception. Here are reviews in The Observer by Alex Preston and The New Statesman by Richard Smyth. In the Sunday Times Christopher Hart called it 'a sobering and magnificent work'.


I'm looking forward to a more carefully organised 2019. There are already some great things upcoming: in April, for one, the Vintage paperback of Our Place, then in July the publication of a new book Claxton II: More Field Notes from a Small Planet.


I have exciting wildlife weeks on which there are still places, including an eight-day circumnavigation of Lake Prespa (click) that takes in Greece, Albania and Macedonia from 20-27 May 2019. Three countries within 100 miles. I'm running a writing course in glorious Extremadura, Spain, where a visit to see 100 black and griffon vultures within a few metres of the hide should supply enough raw nature to get anyone scribbling. Please click here to let me know if you're interested.

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