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Blackwater Blog is an online scrapbook of words and pictures about anything in nature from springtails to sparrowhawks.


It can be read if you click here, but every few weeks I post a Photo of the Month, an image of something striking or seasonal. This month it is an item that is both ordinary and enchanting, which is my favourite kind of magic. But what is it? Find out by clicking the picture above

Photo of the Month



'The man of most science is the man most alive,

whose life is the greatest event.' Henry Thoreau                                                                                    

© Mark Cocker 2013

2017 closes with final work on my book Our Place (click title for more details) and bound proofs are imminent. Please contact me if you would like one. I am also beginning the process for a Norwegian translation of Crow Country.


Aside from the release of Our Place, 2018 is full of exciting things: such as my part in the Grant Arms new book festival in Grantown-on-Spey over the Easter holiday. I have two weeks of fabulous wildlife (5-12 May and 12-19 May) with the wonderful Aigas team (click the dates to find out more). The second is a new format for me, Walking and Wildlife, to which I am hugely looking forward.


Both my new writing course in northern Greece (June) and the 360˚Course in Spain (October) are full but we are already looking forward to 2019. If you would like information on new courses please contact me here.


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