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I write regularly for a range of publications, including The Guardian, The New Statesman and The Spectator.


Since 1987 I have contributed to the Guardian Country Diary - an article every other Tuesday on nature. For my Guardian profile and latest articles click here.


My contributions to July's BBC Radio 4 Natural Histories programme on the Blackbird. Click here.


On 15 July I reviewed Shark Drunk by the Norwegian author Morten Stroksnes. It is a hauntingly beautiful and captivating account of fishing for a Greenland Shark. In The Spectator.


In November I looked at three very different books that reflect upon our propensity for anthropomorphism, what lies at the root of it and what consequences it has for the way we view the life around us The Spectator.


In January 18 I praised Nate Blakeslee's masterly new book Wolf, in the New Statesman


Photo: Rachael Cocker