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A Claxton Diary (warmer yellow)


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Win a Free Copy of My Latest Book A Claxton Diary

I love to capture nature in abstract form and the person whom I judge to have come closest to naming all 12 of the images below - what the picture is of, what species is involved (not always impt), sometimes what's happening - will be sent a free signed hardback copy of the new book. Participants have to live in the UK (or be prepared to cover extra postage costs) & my judgement is final. Send your answers, numbered 1-12, with you name & postal address here. Participants will get confirmation of receipt of their answers. Offer closes 15 August 2019.

1.                       2.                          3.                           4.






5.                      6.                           7.                           8.






9.                        10.                       11.                          12.