Derbyshire Days

I act as a freelance guide for individuals or small groups who wish to make day trips to experience the glorious wildlife of Derbyshire. Within a radius of 15 miles of my hometown Buxton there are about 30 different sites that are all wonderful for nature. The best period is from mid April to mid September but I am happy to arrange them in any season. My aim is also to keep driving to a minimum and to maximise the time spent in nature. Days that include late evenings for crepuscular specialities such as badgers, woodcock, nightjar and owls are a welcome challenge. The aim will be to immerse you in as much and as many animals and plants as possible. But there is no place for lists or ticking. The focus in on the depth of your encounter.

the glorious hare’s-tail cotton grass of mid June on Combs Edge

I give careful thought to the range of seasonal wildlife on any day, so the places and goals will inevitably vary almost from week to week. While walking, sometimes on very steep slopes, is a common feature of some of the richest sites, I am happy to try to design less strenuous itineraries. I can also try to get you close to specific species you have always wanted to see. I am developing a blogpost that describes these excursion in more detail but the basic charge is £300 for a full day for a group of up to eight people. Click the link once it is completed. Or you can contact me directly here.

Clockwise above: dark red helleborines, adder, long-eared owl, common lizard and common frog

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