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Several years ago I began a programme of private breaks and holidays with a partner Chris Mounsey of Balkan Tracks. To this we have now added weekend breaks in my home town of Buxton in Derbyshire.

We call the whole programme 360 Degrees because the aim is to take the broadest possible approach to looking at wildlife and nature. Birds are always at the heart of our activities, but we also enjoy butterflies and spiders, flowers and fungi, reptiles and mammals; in short, all parts of nature. Yet it is not only that we look at everything, we also explore their role in the cultural lives of the area. The key is to take our time, to savour it all without regard for targets or species lists; and from this, hopefully, will flow the richest, most creative reponse to place and nature. If you want more information i am developing a series of blogposts that provide deeper insight into each break or holiday. The whole blog site has accordingly been retitled Through 360 Degrees. There will be dedicated posts for each tour/break.

The full 2022 programme has not been finalised especially our Derbyshire breaks. However we have three Greek trips lined up for May and there are still two places on our eight-day visit to Zagori. It is featured in the images above and runs 16-23 May 2022. More details can be found here. Please use the contact tab below this section to email me if you are interested.

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