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Eagle hunters on route to the Eagle Hunters festival near Ulgii in western Mongolia

In the introduction to Birds and People, a book that took me five years nonstop to write – and nearly killed me – I said that ‘a world without birds would lay waste the human heart’. If anything I feel it more passionately than a decade ago. On Sunday evening 13 March I speak about the book, its creation with the inimitable David Tipling, who took the amazing picture above, and about what birds do for us as food, as a source of feathers, as companions, as inspirations in music, art, dance, poetry, culture, folklore, religion and in what it means to be human. However in some ways I hate having to list all the practical, utilitarian and instrumental purposes that birds have for us because it misses the central part. These feathered dinosaurs are the most amazing citizens of Planet Earth and we are utterly blessed that they let us share it with them. I hope you will join me on Sunday 13 March at 8 pm. Click here.

Last 2 places available for our holiday week in Zagori, Greece, 16-23 May 2022

The uncertain mists of the last two years are due to clear and we are set to run our three delayed holidays in the Balkans. Two places are now available on the second of these weeks – 16-23 May 2022 to Epirus (aka Zagori). The northern Pindos mountains are part of an extraordinary region with the most intact river system found anywhere in Europe. This bear- and wolf-supporting place is our destination for a week of stunning landscapes, fabulous wildlife, some gentle walking, great food and the odd glass of tsiparo. The full details are here.

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