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Last 2 places available for our holiday week in Zagori, Greece, 16-23 May 2022

The uncertain mists of the last two years are due to clear and we are set to run our three delayed holidays in the Balkans. Two places are now available on the second of these weeks – 16-23 May 2022 to Epirus (aka Zagori). The northern Pindos mountains are part of an extraordinary region with the most intact river system found anywhere in Europe. This bear- and wolf-supporting place is our destination for a week of stunning landscapes, fabulous wildlife, some gentle walking, great food and the odd glass of tsiparo. The full details are here.

New derbyshire projects in winter 2022

At 10.30am on 27 January I have a Winter Walk at Sunart Fields. This is the fourth in our series of events together. It is such an exciting place to visit as Rachel and Geoff turn their farm from a degraded monoculture into a vibrant natural landscape. But this event is focused on the seasons. Perhaps the most under-rated of seasons and here is a little gallery of images hopefully to whet your appetites. Along the way we will ask some questions of the season of rest and quietude. Especially why do thrushes scrap for holly? Why do short-eared owls love winter snow? Why is ivy the mother of all winter shrubs? Why does your average hectare of wood drop 5 tonnes of vegetable junk in autumn? And which tree has antifreeze in her veins? All will revealed at the most exciting rewilding landscape in the Peak District. To book email All details here.

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