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I act as an editorial consultant for anyone needing support with a writing project. Often a fresh perspective, coupled with experience in how to shape the written word, can help to turn writer’s block into a viable, coherent project. I love to ponder these challenges. I have taught creative non-fiction for over a decade and have 35 years of writing experience.

I offer a complete editorial package, which usually includes reading a substantial section of your text, and preparing a detailed report on how to take the project forwards. You shape the issues I consider, but normally I examine style, content and approach and offer recommendations on these, as well as making suggestions about publishers, editors and agents.

The aim is always to clarify your project, find solutions to your problems, give completely honest advice and help you to unlock the issues that are frustrating your progress. I charge £250 and spread the work over 3 sessions: an initial discussion, a day’s reading and drawing up a very detailed report, a lengthy final consultation.

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The comments below are from some of the talented people with whom I’ve worked.

Mark’s clarity of thought is second to none. This coupled with his advice on how to structure my books has transformed the way I now tackle book projects. He has brought a value and understanding that can take many years to acquire.”

David Tipling, wildlife photographer & author

Until speaking to Mark I had struggled to identify a strong direction in my writing.  Not only did he help to uncover the larger narrative that I was working within, but his direct feedback on the writing itself allowed me to see where and how I could improve my skills.  I am now working towards a specific project that owes its shape to Mark’s guidance.

Kirsteen Bell, writer, poet

As a first-time author struggling to find a publisher, I approached Mark to review my work and help me find a way forward. Where previously I had met largely with indifference from agents and publishers, his approachability, infectious enthusiasm, and encouragement were thrilling.  He provided a forensic analysis of my writing style and book structure, provided supportive criticism to improve the discipline of my writing, and with his wide knowledge of the industry is directing me towards credible publishing possibilities.  His kindness is hugely appreciated.”

Phil Edwards, ecological consultant

Mark is a brilliantly astute and hugely knowledgeable editor. His comments on my work – frank, concise, analytical, practical and geared to publication – have had a huge positive influence. I’m sure that anyone writing non-fiction prose could benefit from his advice and experience.”

Richard Smyth, freelance author

Having worked with Mark Cocker over the past few years, I’ve found him to be one of the most inspirational writing mentors I’ve known. He has a talent for analyzing a manuscript at many levels, from the technical aspects of writing, to the narrative arc, to the music of the language. He has not only improved my writing and observational skills, but also fostered the confidence to continue my creative efforts. His guidance and mentoring have been a highly valued part of my writing life.”

Robin Patten, writer, teacher, naturalist

photo by Mary Muir

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