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Aigas Field Centre near Beauly, run by the Lister-Kaye family, for whom I have worked since 2015, have established what is surely among the finest opportunities to see pine martens in Scotland. This individual, however, played a little hard to get. We had sat in the famous Campbell Hide for an hour and 45 minutes and at the very moment we had decided to abandon hope, in it strolled and proceeded to entertain us with its lithe antics and exquisitely casual acrobatics. This lovely creature was undoubtedly one of the highlights in a week that included white-tailed and golden eagles, several feeding otters, the oldest willow in Britain, crested tits, slavonian grebes, red squirrels and tens of thousands of migrating pink-footed geese. All in all, a normal week in the great outdoor office that is Aigas.

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